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Miscellaneous Reference

A complete ingredient listing of the most popular additives for professional brewing and making your favorite homebrew beer.  This listing includes type, usage of the additive, timing of the additiona and the recommended amount.  Also see our complete Recipes, Grain, Hops, Yeast and Water beer brewing reference tables.

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Miscellaneous Reference

NameTypeAdd ToTimeUse
Amylase EnzymeOtherPrimary3.0 daysFermentation
Anise, StarSpiceBoil30.0 minLicorice flavor
Apricot ExtractFlavorBottling5.0 minFruit Beer
Ascorbic AcidOtherBottling5.0 minPreservative
Blackberry ExtractFlavorBottling5.0 minFruit Beer
Bottle CapsOtherBottling1.0 minBottles
Calcium ChlorideWater AgentMash60.0 minWater Agent
Cherry ExtractFlavorBottling5.0 minFruit Beer
Cinnamon StickSpiceBoil5.0 minHoliday Beer
ClearfineFiningSecondary1.0 daysClarity
Coriander SeedSpiceBoil5.0 minBelgian Wit
Cranberry ExtractFlavorBottling5.0 minFruit Beer
Epsom Salt (MgSO4)Water AgentMash60.0 minWater Agent
Gale, SweetSpiceBoil10.0 minHoliday Beers
GelatinFiningSecondary5.0 hoursClarity
Ginger RootHerbBoil12.0 minHoliday Beer
Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)Water AgentMash60.0 minWater Agent
Heading LiquidOtherBottling5.0 minHead Retention
Irish MossFiningBoil10.0 minClarity
Isinglass (Liquid)FiningSecondary7.0 daysClarity
Lactic AcidWater AgentMash60.0 minMash pH
Malto-DextrineOtherBoil5.0 minAdds Body
Oak ChipsFlavorSecondary7.0 daysOak Flavor
Oak Essence (Liquid)FlavorBottling5.0 minOak Flavor
Orange Peel, BitterSpiceBoil5.0 minBelgian Wit
Orange Peel, SweetSpiceBoil5.0 minHoliday Beers
PapainFiningSecondary4.0 daysChill Haze
PolyclarFiningSecondary1.0 daysChill Haze
Raspberry ExtractFlavorBottling5.0 minFruit Beer
Sassafras Root BarkSpiceBoil60.0 minRoot Beer Flavor
Seeds of ParadiseSpiceBoil5.0 minSpiced Beer
Spruce ExtractFlavorBottling5.0 minSpruce Beer
Whirlfloc TabletFiningBoil15.0 minClarity
Yeast NutrientOtherPrimary3.0 daysFermentation


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