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Re: Conical from China
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I couldn't help but notice the lack of information on the grade of stainless steal or the wall thickness. You get what you pay for in this global economy. Also the reason why American products aren't as good anymore is that we compete whith cheap labor and materials in this global economy. If I'm going to buy somthing thes important for my brew that will last for a lifetime I'm willing to spend a few more dollars knowing it is the best and not taking someones word whos just trying to take my hard earned bucks. 8)

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Re: Conical from China
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buy american when you can, what are you really saving...not american jobs!!!

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Re: Conical from China
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buy american when you can, what are you really saving...not american jobs!!!

I agree~!!

So I went sourcing  thinwall stainless  half inch tubing.  I plan to build into my 20 gallon BK ( I ended up getting a SST BK) an integral chiller  that passes through the wall VIA welded in place nipples. I have about 100" planned for both the heat transfer power  as well as to take up some space in the 20" diameter kettle raising the column of the wort.

I was getting prices from American supplies that ranged from $9.00 a foot to $4.50 a foot.  I wanted two coils.
I found a guy selling chinese metal for $64.00 per 50 foot coil.
So not being insane in the membrane that's what I got.

The US based  guys who called me back hoping to maybe hook in the sale were staggerblasted and thunderstruck when I told them what I paid.   One guy just fell silent for about 5 seconds.  when he spoke it was in a half whisper.  He had no rejoinder to my price. He probably would had liked to know my source, but it didn't occur to him to ask.
I wanted to know why they were letting the Chinese eat their collective lunches.
But I was too polite to ask.
In the background  one  could however, hear the sounds of Chinese guys  happily munching on the American's lunch sandwiches.


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Re: Conical from China
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Well the journey is over - - -for now.
Maybe in a year I'll get back in the Chinese Conical  water jacketed saddle.

The water jacket was the whole reason to go Chinese. You just try to find an American made  Fermentor supplier  with a water Jacket.
Actually, I don't believe anybody in the USA is making production  Fermentors for the homebrewer.  

I ordered the Chinese fermentor.  The company I settled on was using a west  coast guy as their US agent.
They dragged their feet making  the thing.  They D-R-A-G-G-E-D THEIR FEET~!!
When he got it in from the customs  people and inspected it there were problems.

And they lied~!!! 
The claimed there were no welds inside the fermentor.  The thing was welded.

Apparently the Chinese have some serious issues with welding.  They make welds you could culture  enlightened civilizations on.
Their US agent refused to sell the fermentor under his name. He was OK with my going direct and by-passing him, but he'd not put his name  on it.  Apparently the Chinese screwed the pooch in other ways  too, using the wrong threads on valves and god knows what all else. He says it'll take maybe a year to hammer out the kinks with them.

So anyway, I got a Blichmann 14.5 gallon tri-clamp unit.   It was cheap enough at  a little under a grand.  
Austin HomeBrew was the source.  I was going to use the Maine  retailer that  John Blichmann suggested but they don't take AMEX.
Whenever I can, I always use AMEX. They always have my back. If I have any issues, they will yank the retailer's head around and force them to pay attention and fix the issue, or I get my money back AND the retailer has to pay me up front to ship their crap back.  Oh, and AMEX Doubles the warranty period.

Anyway I'm back into the wonderful world of Thermal Control.
What to do?

I have looked at these
4 of them mounted to an aluminum platen which has been machined with the same radius as the fermentor and attached using heat transfer paste or adhesive should do the trick but Electricity is my weakest area and I just know the power supply issues will make me crazy.   I've heard about people using computer PS units but those are all "switching supplies" and don't provide steady power.  Peltiers want steady DC power for  optimum performance.

However, I have already built a  mineral oil chiller from an old dehumidifier that will chill 15 gallons of mineral oil which I intended to use to chill the Wort as well as the water jacketed conical.  I haven't settled on the pump yet.  It needs to move the oil up a  water column of 15 feet and many pumps won't touch that.

I've been thinking about penetrating the lid with weldless bulkhead fittings and building SST thinwall coil to pump the chilled mineral oil through it and thusly cool my beer.  The  Bargian Fittings guy has  really nice bulkhead fittings for $12.00 a pop.
I've seen this  done on a couple of UK forums and the people doing it are not complaining about cleaning  issues or contamination.


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