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Re: NBS Yeast
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Thank you very much for looking at this dtapke.  Regarding the pre and post-boil gravities, these were taken from well mixed wort and measured using a refractometer which is calibrated and should have been within range of the ATC.  Both samples tested with the refractometer were hot wort but should have come down to ambient temp. once placed on the refractometer and throughout the time that I took the readings. Additionally, I measure the post-boil gravity with a hydrometer taking into account temp. correction.  So, those gravities are another mystery!

Mash tun and grain temp. were accurate as I measured them with a calibrated infra red thermometer.  Apologies, I had not entered the correct measurements into the BeerSmith 'vols' tab but recorded my measurements as Notes.  I  am wary of entering these data into the 'vols' tab in case I mess up my equipment profile.  I normally create another equipment profile using the actual measurements from my previous brew so that I do not mess up my previous equipment profile.  I may be too lost in my own confusion here to be rescued so I totally understand if you want to leave me to it!  Anyhow, I have reattached the .bsmx file with the proper measurements.  Basically, the volumes now all stack up, but the pre/post boil gravities still do not make sense of course.

I did stir the mash water well at dough in and think that I measured accurately as I am quite careful, but I cannot completely rule out a mistake.  I can understand the possible 1.064 gravity reading at 60c as this would equate broadly with the expected OG given the boil off volume but this is just not consistent with the refractometer, hydrometer and also the OG reading from my Tilt once in the fermenter (which measured 1.050).

I used to pre-heat my mash tun before I used BeerSmith but as I was not sure of the pre-heated mash tun temp. but knew the ambient temp. of the tun I have tended to use that approach. 

I would be please if you posed further dtapke, if you are inclined, but understand if you do not!  Many thanks.  Interestingly, I can still hear my fermeter expelling CO2 through the airlock about once every 5 to 10 minutes, but gravity is stuck fast at 1.050 as measured by my Tilt (and hydrometer).  I pitched another packet of yeast a couple of days ago but this has not really done anything...           
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Re: NBS Yeast
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Hard to say, seems like a multitude of issues, would be best to address them during your next brew day  ;)

bring dough in temp down a few degrees.

verify accurate measurements, its literally impossible to lose gravity points when boiling a solution.

you say the mash temp was nearly equal the dough in temp, this is nearly impossible. The bs calculations are inline with all known brewing information you can find.

I would run through the calibration tools for refractometer and hydrometer on beersmith to verify your equipment is accurate.

You may be losing more to cooler/trub loss than you've got put in if you're saying those measurements are even halfway close to accurate.

Just for reference, every boil off calculator you can find will say that if you go from 20L of 1.050 wort, and you boil off (you can only boil off water, increasing the concentration of sugars in the wort) 4L of water, you're going to end up with 16L of 1.063 wort.

as far as entering the numbers into the beersmith session data, it won't alter your equipment setup. so don't worry there.
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Re: NBS Yeast
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Yes, I am sure I can sort these issues out in my next brew.  I do not doubt the impossibilities you highlight, obviously there were a catalogue of errors that brew day which I cannot really understand, so as you say I will just need to sort it all out in my next brew  :) 

I will take on board your useful comments and run through the calibration tools on BeerSmith.  I think I may have made a mistake when measuring out the mash water volume because if you saw the mash I think you would see how the mash temp and dough in temp were nearly the same as it was mainly water.  This does not mean that mash temp being nearly equal to the dough in temp is nearly impossible, merely that I was probably doing something way outside the realms of standard brewing practice!  I may have been a bit distracted of late...

The loss to cooler/trub should be accurate as I measured out using my measuring jug, although it is also worth calibrating jugs as well, I guess that is down my list of priorities.  The boil off calculators are interesting, I have never looked at them before or really thought about that too much...

Thanks for mentioning about entering session data should not messing up my equipment profile