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BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Recipes missing
« Last post by Toy4Rick on Today at 06:10:35 PM »
Yes EBB-Brewer, your observations are correct, been going on for well... way to long and it's still happening

I lost all of mine last year, luckily I had a recent zip file backup and only lost one recipe.  My buddy lost everything and I was only able to recover about 1/3 of his recipes

Like you, I don't use a cloud folder, all recipes are stored locally.  In my case the loss happened as google sync was running when I termined BS

We haven't seen many app features/improvements in a while, sure would be nice for the next release to fix the issue and I would be very glad to have that and nothing more

Good luck all
BeerSmith 3 Support / Recipes missing
« Last post by EBB-Brewer on Today at 03:47:19 PM »
So I opened up BeerSmith v3 (win10) yesterday to get ready for running my brew day and to my dismay all of my recipes brewed/planned/researched were gone.  I wasn't sure if I had a filesystem corruption or another problem but luckily I had a print out of the recipe that I was planning to run and was able to execute based on that.   

I was able to track down through the forums the restore from backup functionality and luckily I was able to find a viable file to restore to get my data back.  I did lose one recipe but that was in planning so I can recreate it without much issue.  My biggest concern was loosing all of my notes that I have recorded from my sessions. 

More than anything I expect to be able to rely on software I purchase to store information reliably.  I can understand some situations where you have to account for multi user conflicts and different transaction schemes that could lead to data loss but I am using this simply on my desktop with a local drive and not trying to do anything out of the ordinary.  From looking at the forums this has been going on for a while and its good to have the restore function but it seems there needs to be focus on fixing a core storage issue and not blame Win10 updates for the data loss. 

Just posting this so that there is awareness that this problem is still occurring.
Thanks!  makes perfect sense!  I forgot that as a user I needed to define the BH efficiency.  I appreciate the fast the thorough response.

It is not a bug. 

BeerSmith works by having the user define how much of the sugars from the grains end up in the fermenter (Brew House Efficiency or BHE) in their equipment profile.  It then uses the process losses to determine how much sugar is needed from the mash, and calculates the mash efficiency based upon this number.  Since this is a backward calculation and the program is just a series of equations, it will give you the amount of sugars you specified using the Brew House Efficiency in your equipment profile.

So when you make a change, such as adding more process losses (an additional gallon of wort at the end of the process), it just draws more sugar from the mash and increases the amount of water needed for the recipe to compensate for the volume increase.

The way to make the change you are looking for is to start by applying a ratio of the end of boil volume with and without your added gallon and then multiplying your existing BHE by this fraction.

So if you have a BHE of 70% ending up at 5.5 gallons post boil and wanted to add an additional gallon of loss, then you need to take your 5.5 gallons and divide by 6.5 (5.5 gallons plus 1 gallon of added trub loss) which will give you a ratio of .846.  Multiplying your BHE by this amount, you will get 59.2% for your new BHE.  This will keep your mash efficiency the same and make the needed adjustments to your gravity. 

Now, if you want to keep the same ending gravity and bitterness values, make a separate equipment profile with the changes calculated above.  Go to your recipe and use 'scale recipe' to apply this new equipment profile to your recipe.  If you click on 'match gravity, bitterness, and color', your recipe will be scaled to give you the same ending values as before but with adjustments to your raw materials to attain that value.

Having gone through this, when you make a change such as what you are contemplating you will affect your mash efficiency by increasing the amount of sugars your mash water can draw from the grains.  The change is likely to be small unless you have a very low mash efficiency to begin with.  It may take brewing with this profile a couple of times to get a lock on the actual change, but this ratio method will get you in the ballpark.

I am playing around with my new equipment setup, and was trying to reduce the amount of trub that ends up in my fermenter.  To compensate for this, I was planning to leave around 1 gallon of wort (the heaviest kettle trub-ridden wort) in the kettle after transferring the clearest wort off to my fermenter.

When I updated my equipment profile to increase the "Loss to Trub and Chiller" to 1 gallon - to my surprise the recipe stayed nearly the same (despite the need for ~1 additional gallon of water).  I would have expected that the dilution reduced my gravity - however it did not.

To further test this in BS3, i upped this parameter to 5 gallons (loss to trub and chiller) - and the recipe again stated i would achieve the same gravity (despite the additional ~5 gallons of water added) - and a mash efficiency estimated at 146%..

It seems like there is a bug in there somewhere that this equipment profile setting for Trub Loss is not being factored in properly to the recipe design..

Would appreciate a response if this is a known bug, or if I am changing the wrong parameter here to achieve what i'm trying to achieve..

BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Water Profiling Tool
« Last post by Oginme on Today at 03:58:31 AM »
First, what Bob357 said.

Second, beware using 'city' profiles for targeting your brewing water.  Many places have multiple sources, breweries may be using private wells, and/or most breweries pretreated their water making the city profile useless unless it is specifically a brewery profile.
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Water Profiling Tool
« Last post by BOB357 on Yesterday at 08:19:12 PM »
I've found the style specific profiles work well. If you're brewing something that doesn't fit one of them, just use the color profiles. For your Cream Ale I'd use either the "Yellow Dry" or "Yellow Balanced".
BeerSmith 3 Support / Water Profiling Tool
« Last post by Rep on Yesterday at 06:40:44 PM »

I begin my brew design recipes with RO water.

I am planning a Cream Ale style. When going to the Water Target Profiles I find some style guides and some water profiles based on city locations. Is there a way for me to find a water profile per style of brew?
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: IBU's not calculating
« Last post by Brewdog4043 on Yesterday at 04:28:08 PM »
Oginme, Thanks for you help! I wanted to let you know that I finally figured it out! Some how my brew house efficiency changed to 7500% vs 75%! Once i changed it back and re-saved it my IBU's are calculating correctly!  Thanks again for your help!
BeerSmith Translation / Re: German Translation
« Last post by mrhyde on Yesterday at 02:36:45 PM »
Part Menus in lang.xml done. Started already with strings
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