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I use pickling lime as a way to increase calcium without changing sulfate or chloride, and the pH change is just a side effect. I could use chalk, and BeerSmith accomodates this, but the Bru'nWater "Water Knowledge" section discourages the use of chalk because it doesn't dissolve very well. I'm not a chemist, so I don't know if using pickling lime in small amounts this way is accomplishing what I want or is counterproductive, but it makes balancing the ions easy (on paper).

BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Water profile vs Bru'n Water
« Last post by GigaFemto on Today at 05:03:42 PM »
The reason to use baking soda in addition to acid is if you want to increase the sodium content without adding chloride. My water starts with a pH of 9.3-9.6, so I certainly don't need anything to push it higher, and often need acid to make it lower. Baking soda is not something I use very often, but my water is also low on sodium so there are times when I add some for that purpose.

BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Mash Acid Addition
« Last post by Toy4Rick on Today at 03:37:49 PM »
Brad, anyone on why when I add more Carafa III, the suggested lactic amount goes up?

Finding it easier to change the quantity field and seeing the IBU difference. Cheers.
After switching from whole to pellets (vice versa),
use the ibu tool to bring them back in-line.
So checked options and are set as mentioned below. But within any recipe when I change from leaf (or pellet), the IBU value changes but am not getting a quantity correction. The amount field stays original recipe value. I'm looking for the amount difference to correct. I'm thinking this is not possible. Thanks for the help.
Go to Options and select Bitterness. You should see all of the bitterness adjustments there. Leaf hops should be 0% and pellets should be 10%. The conversion is done automatically as long as you have the hop entry in ingredients set properly.
I know this doesnt help much, but im running kubuntu 18.04 without issues. I was running 17.10 prior without issues. And many versions before. The only issue ive had in the past was the libpng12 thing, which i posted a fix for. Maybe some more details and i can help...
I know but it isn't converting the amount needed to achieve same IBU's. Is there a way to convert the amount needed between the various hop forms?
BeerSmith 2 Bugs/Support / Re: Whirlpool Bitterness Discrepancy!!!
« Last post by dentonbirch on Today at 11:48:41 AM »
Well there's some interesting responses for me to mull over, thanks.
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