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BeerSmith 3 Support / Weyerman Carabohemian?
« Last post by Silverbrew on Today at 04:22:21 AM »
Hi all,
Why is Carabohemian not in the beersmith addons? Can it be added?
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Brewing Discussion / Pecking order tight-fisted sldnfl no prescription
« Last post by VidneySymn on Yesterday at 09:47:14 PM »
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BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog / Re: Hop Storage
« Last post by Oginme on Yesterday at 08:20:32 PM »
Not necessarily at 1C, but my LHBS keeps them at about 4C.  I also keep them below freezing when in my possession.  Hop storage index is tested at 20C.  This testing at room temperature doesn't reflect refrigerated conditions, let alone alone freezer conditions.  I can guarantee you that if you keep them at colder than room temperature and then try to apply the HSI to determine %AA of said hops, you will find yourself drastically more bitter as time goes by.  Been there, done that!
Brewing Discussion / Re: Starting to dislike BS ;-(
« Last post by Fatduckbrewery on Yesterday at 03:06:55 PM »

Thats what im trying to do, but there is not much info for a braumeister to support in helping me dial it in.
I've reviewed and tweaked some of the figures especially for the mash and sparge phase, as they certainly looked a little out of balance.

Shall proceed with a new attempt on Friday, fingers crossed....
BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog / Re: Hop Storage
« Last post by kurtvb on Yesterday at 01:59:32 PM »
Thanks for the information and link. But most brew shops don't keep their hops frozen.  Also, if I want my hops to last once opened and not used completely, dating my inventory in BeerSmith would help keep tabs on MY inventory.  I don't always have room to keep the hops at 1degree For 24 months.  I usually vacuum seal after each use.  But as a small home brewer, you don't always need 1, 2, or 3 ounces of a hop type especially if I am brewing something special.
Brewing Discussion / Re: Starting to dislike BS ;-(
« Last post by GigaFemto on Yesterday at 01:09:42 PM »
Beersmith is a tool, and you need to understand how to use it properly to get good results. As with most software, if you give it bad input you will get bad output. If BeerSmith is telling you to use water volumes that are too high, then you need to adjust your equipment profile. Here are some videos on how to set up your equipment profiles:

Once you get these dialed in to your equipment and process you should get accurate results.

Creating a Mead Recipe with BeerSmith 3 Software

Brewing Discussion / Re: Starting to dislike BS ;-(
« Last post by Fatduckbrewery on Yesterday at 12:38:25 PM »

Braumeister say i should crush at 1.6mm and i do 1.5. As the mash tun sits inside the kettle and the wort recirculates through it, so i its too fine it can stall.

I feel stressed over something I should be enjoying, just so much contradicting advice and you feel pressured to hit all the correct numbers. hmmmm need to relax. 
Brewing Discussion / Re: Starting to dislike BS ;-(
« Last post by SpecialK on Yesterday at 11:59:45 AM »
Use the BS PH target as a guide line, but the software add always too much lactic acid,
I put around 1/4 of the amount before adding my grains and adjust after 10min of the mash.

your grain crush is too big, go with 1.1mm, or for better efficiency pass it once at 1.4mm and a second time to .07mm
I passed from 72% efficency to 82%
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