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BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog / Sensory Analysis of Hop Aroma for Beer
« Last post by BeerSmith on Today at 10:01:42 AM »
Sensory Analysis of Hop Aroma for Beer

Swap Meet / Hand Crafted 15.5gals/half BBL Oak Foeder for Sale!
« Last post by Foeder Smith on Yesterday at 09:14:57 PM »
We have crafted several oak foeders in different sizes.

Get them today for your funky beer!


0.5BBL oak foeder (IN STOCK) $1299/ea $2299/two

1BBL oak foeder $1699/ea

2BBL oak foeder(IN STOCK) $1899/ea

3BBL oak foeder $2299/ea

Estimated lead time:

One week for In stock foeders; 6-10 weeks for other sizes upon order.


Deliver to the door. $400 for each 0.5BBL; Please inquire for other sizes and quantities.

Parts and fittings included(0.5BBL):

1.5″ TC Top port with cap

1.5″ TC Sampling port with perlick style sample valve

1.5″ TC In/out port with a butterfly valve

1.5″ TC Drain port with bend and a  butterfly valve

All gaskets and tri-clamps


Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 3 -709 East Ordnance Road Baltimore, MD 21226
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Printing issues
« Last post by Oginme on Yesterday at 02:35:21 PM »
Go to 'options' > 'reports' and set the print to go to your browser.  From there, you have a few more options in scaling.  Not sure if this will solve your problem, but it is worth a try.
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Printing issues
« Last post by BOB357 on Yesterday at 02:26:05 PM »
I had a Windows 10 update a few days ago. They are always suspect if you're using an earlier version of BeerSmith.
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Printing issues
« Last post by on Yesterday at 01:54:29 PM »
I tried several settings, views, % views, nothing changed. I printed other documents just fine, I rebooted both my computer and the printer. I have not changed any settings in my laptop or BeerSmith. It looks normal in the print pre-view, just the final print is bad. Even to a PDF print, it cuts off the same way.
BeerSmith 3 Support / Re: Printing issues
« Last post by BOB357 on Yesterday at 01:31:13 PM »
The last line that printed on your first page for me was Mash pH, followed by the header for notes on the second page. I printed one of my recipes and all of the text was there. Have you played around with the print settings in BeerSmith and your printer software? There doesn't appear to be a problem with the BeerSmith software. Unless you inadvertently changed something, BeerSmith is the same as it was last week.
BeerSmith 3 Support / Printing issues
« Last post by on Yesterday at 01:05:28 PM »
This just started. The preview looks normal as before, but when I try to print to paper or even PDF, it cuts off most of the information on the sheet.. mI have tried adjusting the print settings, Full, reduced, percentages, nothing works. The program printed fine last week.
Equipment / Re: All in One Systems - What Category?
« Last post by Oginme on Yesterday at 11:26:52 AM »
If you have your equipment profile correctly entered, measuring at least initial values for volume left in the AIO, and boil off rate, the program will be able to back calculate from your desired batch size the amount of water needed for brewing. 

You can then create or modify a mash profile to tell the software how you want to perform the mash:  How much water up front proportioned to the amount of grain, how you are going to sparge, or even if you are doing a no-sparge mash.  The software has settings for grain absorption of water and will proportion the water based upon how you want for each recipe you use this mash profile.

Equipment / Re: All in One Systems - What Category?
« Last post by trenka on Yesterday at 11:20:31 AM »
But how to make it calculate water (mashing for the grain/water ratio I want and sparging) for All-in-One system?  It's not hard, but would be fine if it's done automatically.
BeerSmith 3 Support / How many log in's ?
« Last post by roamer on Yesterday at 11:08:44 AM »
I am having a problem with logging in. I had an old account from years ago with a login. Now I have re-activated my license and bought the mobile app. So there is a password for the desktop software, the recipe cloud, the beersmithrecipies, and the mobile app. I cannot keep up. I can log into the desktop software but get an error when I try to log into my cloud recipes. I also get an error when trying to login to the cloud from the mobile app. Can someone please explain this to me?
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