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Displays a view to convert between standard specific gravity units and degrees Plato.


bulletSelect the Specific Gravity Conversion command from the Units menu.
bulletEnter the amount you want converted in the appropriate units.  As you type, the amount will be converted and displayed in all of the other unit fields.

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bulletSpecific Gravity - The gravity as measured relative to the density of water (unitless).  Water has a specific gravity of 1.000, and most beers have a starting gravity in the range of 1.025-1.100.
bulletDegrees Plato - Specific gravity measured in degrees Plato.  Plato is defined as the number of grams of sugar per 100 grams of solution.  Plato is used widely in Europe and is based on corrections to the older Balling scale. Balling and Plato are close but not exactly equivalent sue to differences in calibration temperature.  The difference between the two is about 0.05% weight/weight, however, so in most practical situations Plato is equivalent to Balling.
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